The Ngong Social Justice Centre’s Launch In Kajiado County Was Notably Distinctive As A Unique Justice Centre.

The Ngong Social Justice Centre in Kajiado County made a remarkable impression during its launch. The event underscored the breadth and diversity of the social justice movement, as it extends its reach to encompass all administrative constituencies nationwide in pursuit of creating a more just society.

The Ngong Social Justice Centre is distinctively characterized by its inclusive demographic, with a predominant youth membership complemented by a noteworthy presence of senior citizens who share an equally fervent commitment to human rights. This diverse composition serves as a compelling testament to the notion that age is not a barrier to passionate engagement in effecting change. Notably, the senior members have established their own committee within the center, solidifying their integral role in advancing its mission.

Sankara Nyagaya, an acclaimed human rights advocate and the current convener of the center, emphasized that their collective dedication to ecological justice was the driving force behind the center’s establishment. However, recognizing the myriad injustices prevalent in their community, they chose to align with the broader social justice movement to comprehensively address these issues.

Olal, the convener of the Social Justice Movement warmly welcomed the new members and encouraged them to broaden their advocacy efforts to address the rampant cases of gender-based violence in Kajiado County.
Raymond Ochieng, a representative from the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy, and Sports, also attended the launch and reiterated the ministry’s commitment to empowering youth through sports and the arts.

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