Mama Victor Buluma

Mothers of Survivor Victim Network Member

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Four years ago, Benna Buluma—Mama Victor, as she is more often known—lost both of her sons on the same day. It was August 9, 2017, when post-election unrest led to violent police crackdowns in informal settlements across the country. Victor, 22, and Bernard, 25—the son of her deceased sister, whom she raised as her own—were on their way home to Mathare when they were caught up in protests contesting election results. Police shot live bullets.

Bernard was shot in the head and died instantly; Victor was shot in the stomach and died before he reached the hospital. At the time, Mama Victor’s shock and grief was forced into the confines of a politically charged election. Victor and Bernard’s burials had to be rushed, but said she was “fortunate” to even have that. Other mothers, grandmothers, widows, and relatives are often denied the “privilege to mourn,” as people can be arrested for even holding vigil for those killed by police. “In the beginning, I would just wake up, see the photo of my sons, and cry,” she says.

But as the once-searing pain subsided with time, she realized that it was only people like her who could sit with other mothers of victims and “share the pain we feel.” So she and a few other core members formed the Network of Mothers and Widows of Victims and Survivors.