The Social justice Centers Working Group hereby issues a resolute statement affirming our unwavering support for the ongoing strike of doctors across Kenya.

The dedicated healthcare professionals of Kenya have been pushed to the brink by persistent systemic issues that jeopardize not only their well-being but also the quality of care provided to countless patients nationwide. As advocates for Human rights, social justice and equitable healthcare, we stand in solidarity with these doctors who are courageously demanding fair treatment, adequate resources, and improved working conditions. The ongoing strike underscores critical issues that must be urgently addressed by the government.

First and foremost, medical interns deserve equitable compensation for their vital work. They should not be expected to volunteer their services or struggle to make ends meet while dedicating themselves to saving lives. It is essential that interns receive a humane wage that reflects the significance and intensity of their responsibilities.

Furthermore, the government must prioritize healthcare funding and listen to the voices of healthcare professionals. It is unacceptable for the government to claim financial constraints while simultaneously wasting billions of shillings on extravagant, non-essential projects. This misallocation of resources highlights a severe lack of accountability and mismanagement within the health sector.

We demand that the government demonstrate genuine commitment to resolving these issues by engaging in meaningful dialogue with the medical community and swiftly implementing concrete measures to address their demands.

Moreover, if the Cabinet Secretary in charge of health is unable to fulfill her duties effectively and advocate for the welfare of healthcare workers, including interns, then she must be held accountable. We call for her resignation if she is unable to demonstrate the leadership required to oversee the healthcare system with competence and compassion.

In conclusion, as an organization committed to promoting human rights, social justice, and access to quality healthcare for all, we stand firmly behind the doctors of Kenya in their fight for dignity, respect, and the realization of a healthcare system that serves the needs of both patients and providers. We also call upon Kenyans of goodwill to rally behind our doctors, the striking doctors and interns in Kenya deserve unwavering support as they fight for fair treatment and improved healthcare conditions. It is imperative that the government takes immediate action to rectify these systemic issues and prioritize the well-being of its healthcare workforce, who work tirelessly to safeguard the health of the nation.



Communications Coordinator

The Social Justice Centres Working Group

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