Sexual Gender Based Violence

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Under the Social Justice Centre Working Group, the GBV committee is responsible for documenting, accessing, monitoring, and referring cases of gender-based violence, as well as conducting awareness-raising activities in 12 counties of Kenya. We have the sufficient operational capacity to address SGBV in 42 SJCs as we are equipped with gender desks, chairs, and laptops to enhance our ability to respond to SGBV in their regions. Throughout the country, we have 84 GBV monitors ensuring access to justice for victims of gender-based violence, to whom more than 2900 referrals have been made. As part of our efforts, we also work to hold perpetrators of gender-related violence accountable. In addition, we provide psychosocial services, as well as legal referrals, to victims and survivors of violence based on gender. In addition, the committee provides training on GBV and SGBV to stakeholders. As part of our efforts to address gender-based violence, we work with governments, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders.

Thus far, the committee has been successful in reducing gender-based violence in the community by successfully implementing The Norwegian government’s “Enhancing Prevention and Response to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Exacerbated by the COVID-19 Project” project aims to reduce violence against women, girls, youths, and children in various informal settlements in Kenya by reducing gender-based violence.

We train and coach SJC volunteers across the country to respond appropriately to GBV. Our volunteers are equipped with tools and resources that enable them to effectively provide GBV survivors with guidance and referral services to appropriate organizations and authorities. We also collaborate with other organizations to provide additional training and support for our volunteers. The ultimate goal is to create a nationwide network of SJC volunteers to ensure GBV survivors have access to the help they need.