Arts & Sport For Social Justice


Exploring the power of art to inspire and engage communities to explore, organize and connect their struggles against human rights violations and social injustices in Kenya and beyond.


Liberation Through Art and Sports 


The Arts and Sports for social Justice Committee, under the Social Justice Centres Working Group, was formed as a key pillar and tool of engaging masses on their rights and social justice issues. This movement of creatives and sportsmen have made considerable progress towards enhancing social change and democracy especially in the informal and grassroots settlements nationally through the use of the various forms of arts genres and sports. 

The theatre group sensitivities  various communities on human rights. Through, graffiti, poetry, dances, acrobatics photography, videography and travelling theatre and other performance arts, we have been able to advocate for social justice and human rights in various grassroots communities and informal settlements in many counties in Kenya. Through theatre shows, concerts, graffiti installations, documentary, movie screening and citizen and trained citizen journalists and artists, we have been able to influence social change in more than 70 communities in different parts across the country and some East African countries. 

The performances are aimed at localising and amplifying the significance and the essence for community members to stand up against any form of injustices in their communities. The performances are conducted with careful and strategic aim of attaining consciousness regarding the participation of different members of the community. 

Our creative outputs are formulated through captured experiences and documented data of people’s daily violations which then we create contents from and put out through the various forms of art genres and sporting activities all across the country that happen in different times and intervals taking into consideration our various campaigns and communities or areas noting the various challenges across counties, this we wholesomely aim at the people and the stakeholders all across board.

The team 

The Arts and Sports for social justice Committee consist of two members from each justice centre members who then are integrated to the main movement to bring on aboard all creatives from the various justice centre to take part in all our campaigns, arts and sports activities. This team in the overall then works with over 300 artists and 100 sportsmen and women across the country making this one of the major movements that has art and sport as its living organ.


  1. To enhance social change, democracy and human rights in Kenya
  2. To bring together the voices of creatives and sportsmen and women to champion for their individual and shared rights

To sensitize and advocate on human rights issues and violations in informal settlements and other marginalized communities in the country through performing arts and sports.

  1. To build confidence and consciousness in members of the community to speak up against human rights violations and social injustices.
  2. To promote effective community organizing on issues of human rights and just society among social justice activists and human rights defenders.